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2020 Flooring Trends: Five Wow-Factor Floors

2020 Flooring Trends: Five Wow-Factor Floors

2020 Flooring Trends: Five Wow-Factor Floors 1200 607 Milestone Flooring

Make an impact, impress customers and do your business justice with this guide to the key 2020 flooring trends.

This year is all about getting creative with your flooring, using bespoke materials and finishes to make a statement. 

Here are our favourite top five trends.

#1 Branded flooring

In 2020, strong branding is more important than ever. Why not make that important positive first impression on your visitors with a branded reception or lobby floor?  

As showcased in our own head office entrance, you can use decorative design and creative installation skills to work your company logo and brand colours to striking effect into your floors.

#2 Natural stone

For another year running, natural stone will remain a key flooring trend. However, it can be expensive to maintain. Pandomo is an innovative flooring system that needs minimal maintenance but boasts beautiful natural stone effects.

We used this to create bespoke floors for the trend-setting Yorkshire Sculpture Park, a project which recently won a host of RIBA Awards, including the prestigious RIBA Sterling prize.

This flooring has blends of natural rhine sand and various sizes of naturally sourced aggregates, encapsulated into an Ardex Pandomo basic screed. 

It looks naturally beautiful and will stand the test of millions of visitor footfalls into 2020 and the decade beyond.

#3 Playing with colour

Colour will be a key flooring trend for 2020 and can transform the atmosphere of your business overnight. 

We love Flowcrete Mondeco for its huge spectrum of colours; from eye-popping shades to tranquil tones.  

It creates a seamless terrazzo, durable and elegant finish and can be customised for bespoke applications. 

We used this for the flooring of the prestigious Hampshire Hotel in London’s Leicester Square, which was the UK launch of the Mondeco Rapide.

#4 Polished concrete

Polished Concrete

Expert polishing brings concrete floors bang up to date and can be tailored to create a bespoke, individual look. 

Using HTC Grinding machines, we reveal varying amounts of aggregate, giving a unique flooring design, as shown here in the Square Chapel Gallery in Halifax. 

The gallery now has a spectacular shiny floor design that’s both modern and perfectly reflects its architecture.

Tru System

Faux polished concrete will also be in demand in 2020.

We love the Tru System, which is available in a range of colours and can be polished to a matt or glossy finish to match any kind of space.   

We installed this system in a Gallery area in Sheffield. They wanted a polished concrete look to showcase the artworks and gallery environment.

Mapei System

The Mapei System also produces the look of polished concrete but with added aggregate to create unusual designs. 

We love it so much we installed this in the archive room of our Milestone Office showroom as an aggregated finish.

#5 Environmentally friendly floors

With businesses making sustainability a priority, the move towards more environmentally friendly floors will only increase this year.

One of the reasons we love resin floors is that they are greener than many of their counterparts, being non-toxic and very low in Volatile Organic Compounds. 

As resin is highly durable, these floors will outlast their competitors; cutting down on repairs and the need for frequent replacement.


So there you have it, our favourite trend-setting floors and finishes for 2020.

Beyond looks, all of these floors are built to last in a way that gives value for money  and is better for the environment. 

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear them. In the meantime, we wish you major business success and momentum for the decade ahead.

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