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Installing the wow-factor overnight

resin bathroom floor
Installing 600 floors nationwide

Mittons are one of the UK’s leading building services specialists. Our work with them over a 4 year period has covered more than 600 washrooms for one of the major supermarket chains. We installed the decorative Flowcrete Flowfast Terrosso flake system overnight in live stores on a tight programme, working in conjunction with other trades.

commercial resin floor installation
Maintaining business as usual

The biggest challenge we faced was the timescales. The supermarket stores closed at 11pm and opened back up at 7am. The floor had to be laid and all of the sanitary ware and fixings had to go back in during those hours. We successfully coordinated with the other trades on site and worked overnight to ensure that each washroom would be open ready for business in the morning.

“Milestone’s Safety Manager, David Chapman, is excellent. He went out to many a site where it was a little bit awkward. He did on-site surveys and found ways to safely work around any ventilation issues.”
Dave Farrell, Mittons

washroom floor
Astute onsite decision-making

“When you are doing a refurbishment, you come across dodgy substrates in the middle of the night that you are not expecting. Milestone adapt and overcome every unexpected obstacle. They problem-solve, make the right decisions and get the job finished on time. It’s their onsite decision-making that is so valuable – Milestone do go above and beyond to make it happen and the time scales and cost don’t generally change, even though the extra effort goes in.”
Dave Farrell, Mittons

What the client said:

We use Milestone because they are the ones that can turn it around and give us the standards that we need. The standard of work is second to none across all of the 600 sites. Once the shiny new resin floors went down it was an unbelievable transformation overnight! The store managers came in and felt it had a serious wow factor. The finished floor is that good that quite a few other supermarket competitors have started to use it now. It’s a fantastic finish. Milestone provide excellent service; they have a very good core of people working for them and they all know their jobs inside out and can solve any problems. The price is spot on as well.

Dave Farrell, Mittons