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Industrial Flooring Contractor

resin, polished concrete, terrazzo

Heavy duty food safe flooring? Hygienic floors for laboratories? Or, elegant Terrazzo for your lobby? We’ll help you make the right choice for your project and install it meticulously.

Find out what's possible

There are hundreds of options, including:

Food safe flooring
Abrasion resistant flooring
Anti-static floors
Chemical resistant flooring
Heat resistant floors
Scratch resistant floors
Slip resistant floors
Waterproof flooring
Steam resistant flooring
UV light resistant floors
Car park decking
Wear resistant flooring

Is a resin floor right for you?

Resin flooring is ideal in pharmaceutical, industrial, retail and food environments because they’re quick curing, tough and low maintenance.

We can install the full range of Polyurethane, Epoxy, MMA and Vinyl Ester flooring from Europe’s leading suppliers. But if you’re not sure what you need, just ask and we’ll walk you through the pros and cons.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Milestone Flooring are proud to be established front runners in providing commercial grade floor and wall, systems and coatings that are squeaky clean and easy to maintain!

Car Showroom Flooring and Automotive Sector

Automotive industry flooring, during the production, maintenance, and display of motor vehicles, needs to be fit for purpose and selected appropriately.  Where flexibility is required, resin has good tensile strength, protecting the concrete layer underneath it.

In need of a screed?

For busy industrial or commercial locations with heavy traffic, we can recommend a wide range of robust screeds including SBR polymer, Cementitious flowable, Sand Cement and Fast Set. All installed to our meticulous standards.

Transform any space with Terrazzo

Terrazzo flooring is elegant and beautiful, but surprisingly low maintenance and hardwearing. Unique decorative glass, marble, mother of pearl, granite and flint can be added to the resin for a striking effect. All diamond ground to a perfectly smooth finish.

Preparation is more than key

Your floor is only as good as the team who lays it. Poor preparation is one of the biggest risks to getting it wrong, leading to expensive delays or worse, needing to rip up and replace. We help reduce the risk with precision preparation.

Moisture testing
Core testing
Level surveys
Shot blasting
Mechanical breakout
Floor removal

Commercial & industrial polished concrete

Polished concrete floors bring together the durability of concrete with the beauty of natural stone. The result is a super flat, super glossy surface that looks the part but which is wear-resistant, easy to clean and long-lasting.

Wow-factor flooring

Decorative flooring has come a long way since we began our careers 30-years ago. Quartz and Terrazzo are the ultimate in luxury, while resin flooring comes in the entire spectrum of colours, to showcase your brand and uplift any area.

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