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Milestone Is Now ISO Certified!

Milestone Is Now ISO Certified!

Milestone Is Now ISO Certified! 1096 800 Milestone Flooring

Today we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve recently been awarded both ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations.
It was quite a journey so we’ve interviewed Zoe, our Director, to tell us what happened and what the team learned along the way.

Hi Zoe, thank you for joining us! Can you tell us why you wanted to be ISO certified?

“We knew it would be a fantastic achievement for our company.”
“We hoped it would improve efficiency, reduce waste and save money, along with making us more environmentally sustainable.
We were keen to develop our professional culture and improve our employee morale whilst striving for better consistency and increasing customer satisfaction. The idea of us all working together as a team towards continuous improvement is such a positive ethos.”

That’s great to hear. So, what exact certifications have you achieved?

“We’ve implemented a new Business Management System by using an integrated ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 Quality and Environmental Management System.”

Impressive. But It can’t have been easy. What challenges did you face?   

“Collating data and documenting everything! Along with helping everyone at Milestone understand that we’re trying to improve things and not just create additional work. We had to accept that what we were doing was almost there but that we needed to work at it to make a little better.”

Excellent. What has the outcome been?  

“The process of working through the competencies helped us identify certain company processes that were disjointed and systems that were weak.  Now this has been addressed, individual and team responsibilities are clearer. We’re more productive and the work we do is of even higher quality.”

Any final thoughts you want to share?

“I’m excited to continue to grow the business and hope this ISO certification will be one of many of our business ‘milestones’!”

Thanks Zoe, we’re really proud of the whole team for working so hard towards this fantastic achievement.

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