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Methyl Methacrylate - MMA Flooring

Milestone Resin Flooring Systems

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Methyl Methacrylate floors (MMA for short) are known for their unique and rapid installation process. This resin flooring system can be cured and operationally ready after just two hours, meaning little downtime for businesses, or a perfect time saving opportunity for projects, perhaps behind on deadlines.

Flooring Resistance

MMA floors offer impact and chemical resistance to protect areas from solvents, acids and alkalis. Slip resistance is available for areas prone to wet spillages such as kitchens, washrooms and is suitable for low-temperature environments such as cold stores and chillers. Our MMA systems are also ‘food safe’ classified as HACCP international certified, making them the ideal floor for commercial kitchen areas. Popular in the hospitality industry, available in a wide range of striking colours and designs, MMA can radically and swiftly transform any environment.

Myth Busting MMA

Myths and misunderstandings surround MMA resin because of its distinctive odour during installation and curing. This quickly dissipates when the curing process is complete. Although the resin is 100% solvent-free, Milestone prioritises health and safety. Suitable extraction and air monitoring are conducted and recorded within the work areas. This fully manages the installation and curing period to reassure clients. It is a reliable system but should only be installed by a professional team, as it requires a specific calculated and measured mix. It cures very quickly and requires impeccable floor preparations to ensure a high-quality finish.

Vast Experience

MMA floors deliver a seamless finish which is easy to clean and maintain. This system is resistant to weak acids, alkalis, and solvents. With a high scratch resistance and good tolerance of high and low temperatures, MMA is a favourite in most commercial spaces. We have a vast expansive history with MMA systems and within our case study section, we have a variety of examples. These feature a variety of sectors, from commercial kitchens to arena floors.

Sample Showroom

Did you know we have a showroom area in our Milestone office?

The showroom features various MMA flooring samples that we have in our sample board. Featuring multiple suppliers, including Flowcrete, Silikal and Sika, we can offer different options to suit your needs. Our samples come in a range of colours and textures, which allow us to show you all the available options with MMA flooring. We can have samples sent straight to your door, or our office showroom is open to visitors. If you would like a tour around, we would be delighted to guide you through the samples in person!

As well as showroom guides and tours, we can also accommodate groups and companies who want to learn more about what we do. We also have presentations tailored to our systems and about the benefits of resin flooring.

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