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Seamless Terrazzo WOW-factor at office reception

Seamless Terrazzo WOW-factor at office reception

Seamless Terrazzo WOW-factor at office reception 1200 800 Milestone Flooring

Mondeco Rapide seamless terrazzo sets the right first impression underfoot at a prestigious office development in the heart of Leeds. Mondeco Rapide in pure white was selected to give a contemporary aesthetic to this new build development, in keeping with the stunning, design-led environment.

The seamless terrazzo range from Flowcrete is engineered for a faster installation and – once in-situ – to effortlessly stand the test of time. As a five-component, rapid curing resin terrazzo floor system, it provides a durable, non-porous luxurious finish, with extensive flexible design properties and UV light resistance.

Specification Sales Manager for Construction Products Group (CPG) UK, Emma Phillips, who specified the project and looks after the North region said: “Flowcrete Mondeco Rapide’s technology really does bring seamless terrazzo to the next level. Mondeco is very popular with architects and interior designers due to its beauty and versatility, we can tailor the product to create a contemporary or traditional aesthetic by changing the colours and aggregates. Because of its flexible design properties, durability, and UV light resistance, it is the ideal choice to deliver style and substance in a wide variety of locations. The project at Leeds highlights how it can be used to make a great first impression.”

The specification team assisted Sheppard Robson with the selection of the floor finish in keeping with the high-end development.

Jonathon McCrone, Project Architect at Sheppard Robson, said: “Selecting the right floor was key to the appearance and feel of the entrance area and we are delighted with the results.”

As one of only two licensed Mondeco Rapide installers in the UK, we were able to take our experience and expertise into the project. We worked to stringent safety and sustainability standards to apply the floor finish, including COVID-19 protocols, as well as specialist monitoring activities to ensure local businesses and shops on the site boundary could operate without any limitations.

Our Managing Director Peter Harrison commented:  “With traditional epoxy systems, long programmes, curing time and a lack of flexibility mean that typically terrazzo projects slow down construction programmes.  However, installing the Mondeco Rapide system allows us to deliver a high-quality bespoke system within a fraction of the time”.

“Having completed a number of Mondeco Rapide projects, we have gained the knowledge and expertise to streamline the process each time. Thanks to our skilled teams and extensive range of hi-tech machinery, we have enjoyed great success using the system on this prestigious Leeds office project as well as many others.”

Responsible waste management was also a priority, achieved through effective project planning, measuring areas accurately for the materials required, and reusing or recycling waste where appropriate.

The floor’s longevity is another key sustainability factor, with Flowcrete Mondeco Rapide’s exceptional durability and heat conductivity cutting out potential emissions and resources that would be needed for a replacement floor in years to come.

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