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Terrazzo Flooring

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Terrazzo flooring is one of the most luxurious flooring systems available as style and sophistication meet the durability’s utmost. We have experience installing three main types of terrazzo system: Cementitious Terrazzo, Epoxy Terrazzo and Mondeco Rapide Resin Terrazzo. While all three deliver excellent style and durability, there are differences which we will explore below.

What is Cementitious Terrazzo?

A cost-effective material composing marble chippings and cement can be overlaid on an existing concrete substrate, then ground and polished to a fine, smooth decorative finish. A more extended programme would be required to accommodate concrete cure times before commencing the polishing process, which significantly exceeds the alternative of an Epoxy base.

A cement-based mix is thicker than the Epoxy Terrazzo resulting in resilient and durable properties that withstand impact, heavy use, and challenging environments such as exterior applications. Perfect for eco-friendly projects, the concrete’s natural, earthy tones with the exposed aggregate provide a unique, professional, and attractive finish. We’ve enjoyed working on some award-winning projects installing Terrazzo floors such as the RIBA Yorkshire award 2019 at the prestigious Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

What is Epoxy Terrazzo?

Instead of a concrete base component, an epoxy or polyurethane base is used. An Epoxy-based mix is thinner than a cementitious Terrazzo and bonds directly to the concrete substrate. Easy to pour systems support intricate designs and patterns segregating different colours with metal bands. The meticulous process of grinding and polishing creates a seamless, attractive finish.

Epoxy Terrazzo is the ultimate luxury in resin flooring. The main benefits of Epoxy Terrazzo are the flexibility in design options and the speedy cure time, making the system perfect for shorter project programmes the need to avoid lengthy business shutdowns. Epoxy Terrazzo can be provided in bespoke designs with striking colours and textures using skilled hand-casting methods unique additions to the material mix such as recycled glass for ecological buildings or luxury projects adding mother of pearl or gold leaf to provide a stunning, exclusive flooring. 

We also have the expertise to create a personalised touch for your Terrazzo floor. Using a template, we can create a bespoke design that encapsulates a logo or design into the Terrazzo floor, creating a crisp, contrasting finish. Another option is to use staining, which can be skillfully applied to create incredible, permanent artwork or company logos during the honing process.

Throughout our office complex, we have incorporated these techniques within our Terrazzo floors. Our company logo is encapsulated within the reception floor and a variety of decorative designs along our hallways. Why not take a more in-depth look here.


Mondeco Rapide Epoxy Terrazzo

As part of our terrazzo systems range, we offer a unique system that not many companies can offer. Epoxy terrazzo is known for shortening programme and curing times compared to cementitious terrazzo, but what if we told you that there is a way to speed that up even more. Mondeco Rapide is a methyl-methacrylate (MMA) system that cuts curing times from days into hours. This is thanks to the innovative PUMMA technology involved in the system as It combines the curing time of methyl-methacrylate(MMA) with the strength and durability of a polyurethane system. Mondeco Rapide is a 5 component, rapid-curing resin terrazzo floor finish that provides a durable, non-porous and luxurious finish. The systems fast curing nature enables us to start the grinding process just 8 hours after installing the flooring screed. In comparison, other terrazzo systems can take up to a week before the grinding process can commence. This system allows contractors and architects much more flexibility in their programming and planning.

Temperature control is a crucial factor when installing a terrazzo system. With systems such as cementitious and epoxy terrazzo, it is paramount to ensure the temperature is a minimum of 10°C and a maximum of 30°C to allow the system to cure, with variances in curing times between each side of the temperature threshold. A vital component of the Mondeco Rapide is its temperature tolerance during installation. In contrast to the other two systems, the Mondeco Rapide can be installed in conditions between -5°C and 30°C with fewer variances in curing times between the temperature threshold.

What one of our recent Terrazzo clients said:

   Selecting the right floor was key to the appearance and feel of the entrance area and we are delighted with the results.

Jonathon McCrone, Project Architect, Sheppard Robson

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