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Turnkey solutions

Total peace of mind

A floor is only as good as the team that lays it. So day after day, night after night, week after week, we use our specialist knowledge, skill and hard graft to meet your needs without downtime or leaving you open to risk.

Find out what's possible

Here’s how it works

One point of contact

Your dedicated contracts manager is there to look after everything from start to finish, from groundworks to maintenance, so you can be sure of a job done right with the minimum of stress for you.

Let’s identify your needs

Right from the first phone call you’ll receive expert guidance on the right floor for the job. Whether you need a hygienic, chemical resistant or simply a beautiful floor, we’ll help scope flooring that will last, that’s safe and looks the part.

Whatever needs handling, we’ll handle it

We’ll do the groundworks, fit drainage, manage all the testing and even do wall finishes if you need them. If you need a service we don’t offer, we’ll even source and manage trusted suppliers from our network to save you the stress.

Cost effective, fast and precision installation

Our meticulous team of installation specialists can make sure you get your floor installed fast, to the exact spec you need with the minimum of mess and disruption.

Business as usual

If you have to have your floor installed in a short time frame, we can help and have decades of experience working in large, complex and busy environments.

Training and support

Giving your people the know-how necessary for you to maintain your flooring properly for safety and maximum longevity.