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Warehouse & Storage Flooring

Usually, the central cog of a busy company, whether manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, and storage areas are vital to keeping your business organised and performing at a high standard. With activity up to twenty-four hours a day over seven days a week, there is no time for poor quality flooring or failures due to flooring systems that are not fit for purpose.

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Warehouse & Storage Flooring

Warehouse and storage facility floor areas are typically fitted out with high bay racking and receive heavy-duty traffic with HGVs, forklift trucks and pallet truck use. Floors may be prone to dust and high-level impact damage and require resistance to abrasion, chemical and heat damage. It is essential that flooring is level to ensure a safe workplace, sturdy racking, and safe operation of high reach forklift trucks.


Milestone Industrial Flooring has vast experience in resolving issues and problems in a busy warehouse working environment. Ultimately, our company can offer advice when choosing a flooring system to meet your business needs and budget and confidentially complete a quality install to specification. Consequently, we can help avoid common flooring problems arising requiring repair and maintenance

Epoxy and Polymer Resin Flooring

Minimise disruption to business through reducing downtime by using fast curing systems, utilising out of hours shifts and phased work programmes to help clients refurbish their floors whilst maintaining the capability of their working environment.


Dust proofers, high build coatings and pumped polymer screeds can transform tired and impractical floors.  Epoxy resin is impervious; therefore, any warehouse grease, oil and fuel will remain on the surface until cleaned up. Applying a slip-resistant finish is advised in high traffic pedestrian areas such as gangways and loading areas.


Milestone can repair warehouse floors that are worn and damaged, we can rebuild expansion joints, and line mark gangways to provide a safe, clean workplace.   Preparation is paramount when installing any floor system or completing repair works. In some cases, shot blasting can clean a tired old floor and remove any historic oil and substance spillages. Robust polyurethane mortars and epoxy fillers can bring existing surfaces up to standard. A hard-wearing polyurethane sealant applied, form a choice of various attractive colours, will allow for a professional, clean finish.


Demarcation meets health and safety requirements to help employees distinguish between pedestrian walkways and moving forklift traffic, or to indicate safe crossing points such as zebra crossings and hatched areas to keep fire exits clear. Epoxy resin can create bright, highly visible, coloured demarcation lines or stencil safety symbols in yellow, black, white, blue, green, or red to allow for an impressive finish.

Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring in commercial and industrial spaces is one of the most durable and efficient warehouse floor options. 

Through precise laying techniques and complex mixes, a high standard, level and flat finish providing an aesthetically pleasing, hard-wearing and sustainable floor.


Polished concrete is popular in warehouses, and here at Milestone we chose this system for our own warehouse space. Having an environment prone to dust, with high racking, forklift truck usage and the need for safe, line-marked pedestrian walkways we met all these conditions and finished it off with an exceptional shine! 


The cleaning and maintenance of concrete floors are easy because there are no dirty grout joints, and when sealed, which may need to be renewed every few years dependant on wear, it is resilient to water, stains and abrasion.


For more information on warehousing and storage flooring solutions, or for more details on other services we offer, please contact us.

Wow-factor flooring

Decorative flooring has come a long way since we began our careers 30-years ago. Quartz and Terrazzo are the ultimate in luxury, while resin flooring comes in the entire spectrum of colours, to showcase your brand and uplift any area.

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