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Automotive Sector including Car Showroom Flooring

Vehicle Manufacturers, MOT workshops & Car Showrooms

Automotive industry flooring, during the production, maintenance, and display of motor vehicles, needs to be fit for purpose and selected appropriately.  Where flexibility is required, resin flooring has good tensile strength, protecting the concrete layer underneath it.  Equally important a polished concrete material can provide strength and robust properties for high trafficked areas.  Both resin and concrete systems can be economic, safe, and attractive options, but the purpose of use for the flooring, and potential threats of damage to it, need to be established first.

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There are hundreds of options, including:

Food safe flooring
Abrasion resistant flooring
Anti-static floors
Chemical resistant flooring
Heat resistant floors
Scratch resistant floors
Slip resistant floors
Waterproof flooring
Steam resistant flooring
UV light resistant floors
Car park decking
Wear resistant flooring

Vehicle Manufacturers

Busy car production lines need durable flooring to accommodate heavy machinery, moveable equipment, and traffic such as forklift trucks. In addition to abrasion-resistance and heavy-duty flooring, industrial environments standards may require factory line marking paint, demarcation, of walkways for pedestrians, or hatched no entry areas.  Resin floor paint can be used to designate vehicle or charging bays and packing or delivery areas. Safe anti-slip finishes and antistatic flooring can reduce the risk of static build-up.

MOT Workshops

Vehicle repair and maintenance areas need to be tough as they are prone to impact from dropped tools, liquid damage from oil and fuel spillages, heat damage from welding, and unsightly tyre marks.  Meticulous preparation to existing contaminated greasy floors is the key to a successful new flooring system installation.

Properties such as chemical, thermal and impact resistance will be essential to ensuring the floor performs and lasts, just like the intention for a repaired motor vehicle and MOT bays and inspection pits may require safety lining and demarcation to meet VOSA standards.  Wash down bays and areas where cars are valeted and cleaned will require effective drainage to prevent flooding, anti-slip properties, and chemical resistance to cleaning products to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Car Showroom Flooring

A car showroom needs to be an attractive, clean, and luxurious floor, reflecting what a customer is looking for in their vehicle purchase.  The car showroom environment needs to appeal to the buyer who will potentially make a significant purchase.  A professional and trustworthy impression will not be gained from a cracked and dirty floor.

Showroom floors need to be selected appropriately considering load bearing, easy maintenance, and decorative properties.  An impermeable resin system is stain resistant as spillages are not absorbed by the floor.  With a seamless finish it is easy to clean, with no dirty grout lines, keeping a hygienic, gleaming surface to present to potential clients.

For that extra touch of class and opulence, a wide range of terrazzo designs allow endless design and colour options including the opportunity to get creative and brand your business floors, with colours, design, or even your logo embedded into the floor.

Wow-factor flooring

Decorative flooring has come a long way since we began our careers 30-years ago. Quartz and Terrazzo are the ultimate in luxury, while resin flooring comes in the entire spectrum of colours, to showcase your brand and uplift any area.

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