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Testing & maintenance

We’ll keep your company running

Your floor is what your business stands on. So you need peace of mind that it meets the highest standards and if an unexpected accident occurs you’ve got someone you can rely on to deal with it quickly.

Find out what's possible
flooring emergency repair
Need an emergency call-out?

Just call us and we’ll respond within 24-hours or less.

commercial flooring testing
Testing and certification

Pro-active testing and preventative maintenance means your floor won’t let you down. Neither will we.

Flooring repairs and remedial works
Repair and maintenance works

We can even match the colour of your existing surface so it looks as good as new. We also offer a maintenance package which is ideal for larger companies.

We can help with:

Anti-slip testing & re-dressings
Anti-static testing
Vapour testing & monitoring
Level surveys
Core testing
Moisture testing

Not sure what tests you need?

We’re happy to walk you through it.