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Polyurethane Flooring

Milestone Resin Flooring Systems

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Polyurethane resin hi-build coatings, self-smoothers and screeds are perfect for heavily trafficked areas. A favourite in the food industry, breweries and engineering factories. Polyurethane floors perform well in both wet and dry conditions with slip resistance properties and are resistant to the exposure of chemicals. A range of colours are available for a professional and pleasing finish.

Flooring Resistance

With strong durability and flexibility due to its abrasion and chemical resistance, Polyurethane floors are perfect for busy industrial environments. Where movement joints are specified, polyurethane joint sealants complement the flooring system. Polyurethane self-levelling screeds are fluid and when sealed with a water-based epoxy coating, have an excellent cleanability.

Hygienic Qualities

Polyurethane resin flooring is known for its hygienic qualities and it is easy to clean and maintain. Polyurethane covings can be installed to perimeter walls to create a coved skirting that meets with the floor to ensure a seamless finish. To be suitable for steam cleaning, it is recommended to lay the screed thicker at 9mm and can withstand temperatures up to 120°C. We have used the system’s hygienic qualities to our advantage previously with our works in food and drink production facilities and large-scale storage buildings. One of our favourite projects involved a 7000m2 produce storage facility where fresh fruit and vegetables are stored before being distributed across London.

Sample Showroom

Did you know we have a showroom area in our Milestone office?

The showroom features various Polyurethane flooring samples that we have in our sample board. Featuring various suppliers, including Flowcrete, Altro, Sika and Resdev, we can offer different options to suit your needs. Our samples come in a range of colours and textures, which allow us to show you all the available options with Polyurethane flooring. We can have samples sent straight to your door, or our office showroom is open to visitors. If you would like a tour around, we would be delighted to guide you through the samples in person!

As well as showroom guides and tours, we can also accommodate groups and companies who want to learn more about what we do. We have presentations tailored to our systems and the benefits of resin flooring.

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