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Polished concrete floors for all industries

commercial, industrial & retail

Polished concrete floors bring together the durability of concrete with the beauty of natural stone. The result is a super flat, super glossy surface that looks the part, is easy to clean and long-lasting.

This makes polished concrete flooring the ideal choice for a wide range of sectors, including warehouses, retail stores, hotels and restaurants, offices and auto showrooms. 

It can even work well in the home.

Find out what's possible

More benefits of polished concrete flooring:

Incredibly easy to clean
Incredibly durable for high-traffic areas
Absorbs and holds heat
Safe and hygienic
Won't discolour after heavy use
Makes small spaces seem large
Repels dust, dirt and allergens
Very low maintenance
Creates a brighter space that needs less artificial lighting

Colourful, bespoke polished concrete floors

From contemporary cool grey to the deepest red, we have a range of different colours and finishes to enhance the smooth, reflective surface of your flooring. 

Stains and pigment dyes are popular but talk to us about how we can help create something unique for you.

Do you already have a concrete floor?

Providing your concrete floor is structurally sound, we can polish your existing concrete flooring. 

Our specialist teams will skilfully prepare, mix, finish and polish your concrete floor, totally transforming its appearance and bringing it bang up to date. 

Polished concrete in a range of finishes

Here at Milestone we use the most up to date HTC Grinding machines, revealing varying amounts of aggregate to create unique flooring designs. 

The finished flooring not only looks stunning but is tough enough to withstand the roughest treatment and last a lifetime. 

We can grind down the surface to whatever degree of shine and smoothness you desire.  You can choose from: 

  • Flat – Ground
  • Satin – Honed
  • Polished 
  • Highly Polished

Easy, ongoing maintenance

Regular damp mopping is all that’s needed to keep your polished concrete floor looking as beautifully smooth and shiny as the day it’s laid. 

And we advise the use of non-toxic cleaning products to preserve your floor’s glossy, smooth as glass finish.  

We recommend resealing your floor every few years to maintain its durability, something we can easily help with.

Give us a call to find out how you can totally transform the look and feel of your building with polished concrete floors. 

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