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Epoxy Resin Flooring Contractors

commercial, industrial & retail resin flooring

Milestone Industrial Flooring are one of the UK’s leading Resin Flooring Contractors offering high-performance resin floor paints and coatings such as epoxy, MMA, vinyl ester, polyurethane, or acrylic resin systems, the vast menu of flooring options available can be confusing when looking for a solution that meets your business needs.

Find out what's possible

There are hundreds of options, including:

Food safe flooring
Abrasion resistant flooring
Anti-static floors
Chemical resistant flooring
Heat resistant floors
Scratch resistant floors
Slip resistant floors
Waterproof flooring
Steam resistant flooring
UV light resistant floors
Car park decking
Wear resistant flooring

Resin Flooring Contractors

Milestone, an Industrial Flooring Contractor is available to offer you guidance, to discuss various resin systems and each of their benefits and limitations, providing samples and reference sites of existing flooring which will enable you to be confident in making a well-informed choice.

Most resin flooring systems generally use two-part component design, reacting together when mixed. Like any science, this is a controlled process in that various external factors such as temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions need to be within specified recommendations of product data sheets to ensure trusted results.

Resin systems can be applied by trowel or poured and self-levelling, with the thickness determined by requirements such as mechanical impact and thermal shock resistance.

Benefits & Finishes of Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is a sure investment.  It has a long life in comparison to materials such as vinyl and carpet.  The installation programme is also cost-effective in that it can be completed within a short period, curing in just a few hours, being fit for the purpose immediately after that. This avoids lengthy production or business shutdowns and unnecessary loss of trade and profits.

Resin has excellent bonding properties allowing it to overlay existing flooring materials again saving time and money on expensive demolition and removal of existing materials. The toughness of resin has additional benefits to improve existing substrates such as concrete, recommended for repair works or strengthening and protecting slabs and structures.

The finished resin floor is durable and robust, with a degree of flexibility under stress, impact, and thermal shock. Highly flexible resins support areas prone to cracking due to environmental conditions like temperature changes.

Other property requirements such as resistance from aggressive chemicals in fruit juices, oil or cleaning products can be achieved long with solutions to challenging industry conditions such as high traffic and heavy-duty use.

Impermeable to liquid, resin floors are perfect for hygienic conditions such as commercial kitchens as they do not absorb nasty germs and bacteria. The seamless finish is easy to clean, making the floor low-maintenance and avoiding dirty, difficult to clean grout lines which occur with tiled floors. A room can be finished with the same seamless resin cove and wall finish to prevent difficult to clean areas around skirtings.

It is essential to achieve a balance between easy cleaning and a slip-resistant finish to improve safety but ensure easy maintenance. Quartz aggregate can be cast into the finish to create a permanently textured surface to increase traction, which is sealed for a hardwearing finish which is effective in both wet and dry conditions.

Epoxy Resin Flooring Colours

Choosing the colour of your flooring is an exciting process as the options are endless. Standard colours alone provide a seamless, consistent, and clean looking finish and this may be all you require. However, you can create a bespoke look in your business brand colours, or match like for like blends from your existing flooring.

Some clients require specific colours to code certain areas; for example, in food factories, bright blocks of colours may indicate certain employee zones without the use of confusing signage. Selecting permanent colours for health and safety reasons to show pedestrian walkways in areas with vehicular traffic such as forklift trucks, avoid the use of dirty hazard tape or cones which can be a trip hazard and look unsightly.

Creative designs can brighten up hotel foyers or office receptions, with UV stability allowing bold and bright choices to stand the test of time. Here at Milestone, we have embedded our logo into our reception floor to create the wow-factor for guests at our head office.

Mixing glass, mirror, and mother of pearl to colours change the aesthetic appearance, further bringing sparkle and glitz to floors. These beautiful additions can reflect light to make areas feel more spacious and grander.


To understand what system the best value for you is, Your resin flooring contractors need to be clear on the purpose and use of your floor.  Vehicular traffic, footfall, cleaning regimes, wet, chemical, heat and weight-bearing exposure, are key indicators to your ultimate specification.

Resin flooring performs well in industrial and commercial environments such as Commercial Kitchens, Car Showrooms and Warehouses. Each sector has different priorities and risk exposure. Factories may require floors to falls with stainless steel drainage, food environments may require HACCP approved flooring with antimicrobial solutions, and retail may request anti-slip finishes in bright and colourful designs.

Wow-factor flooring

Decorative flooring has come a long way since we began our careers 30-years ago. Quartz and Terrazzo are the ultimate in luxury, while resin flooring comes in the entire spectrum of colours, to showcase your brand and uplift any area.

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