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Stainless steel drainage

Stainless steel drainage installed seamlessly

We can supply a range of stainless steel drainage for internal usage, manufactured to your exact spec.

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drainage for pharmaceutical
Stainless steel drainage and kerbs for the pharmaceutical industry

We supply and install a wide range of stainless steel drainage to the pharmaceutical industry.  Not only is this hygienic but can also deal with corrosive chemicals.

stainless steel kerbs
Stainless steel drainage and kerbs to food and beverage industries

Stainless steel drainage and kerbing goes perfectly with our resin flooring systems which are a great solution for food factories, where a high level of hygiene is paramount. We can supply this in a grade suitable for washing away strong detergents.

stainless steel channels
Channels and gullies

With built in falls as standard, channels can be single contained or double contained for use in chemical industries.

stainless steel access covers
Access covers

Access covers can be fabricated to any dimension and designed to be filled with material to match your flooring and finish, with a huge range of additional options and safety features.

flooring protective barriers
Protective barriers, bump rails, skirtings and wall guards

You can choose from a wide variety of bump rails systems and designs in different sizes and with various fixtures.