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T’was the night before Christmas

food factory flooring
Installing a multi-million machine in record time

Refresco, a canned soft drinks business, were in urgent need of hygienic flooring at one of their food grade production lines in advance of installing a new multi-million pound machine.

They brought us on board to deliver the complete package; from breaking out the existing concrete slab, replacing the old drainage run and installing a new screed, before finally applying an attractive and hygienic polyurethane finish.

We achieved all this during a tight Christmas shutdown programme, with an immovable deadline.

factory flooring
Delay was not an option

This project had short notice and an incredibly tight time frame. Delays were simply not an option.

It was further complicated by the fact that the majority of the required work could not be performed whilst the factory production line was actively producing a food grade product.

production line flooring
The first choice for floors

Adapting to our client’s site rules, we worked collaboratively right from the get-go.

We were able to navigate all the complexities and devise an elegant solution that utilised the windows of opportunity over the planned Christmas and New Year shutdown periods (when the factory line would not be producing), helping Refresco avoid the potential cost of thousands of pounds per day in lost production.

What the client said:

When I came to Milestone with a problem, they dropped everything and they prioritised us. We were treated as though we were the only customer. They just worked with us every step of the way. I think if I had gone to another company, I doubt they would have been able to respond as quickly or have been as flexible as Milestone. We couldn’t be a happier customer and we wouldn’t have this machine in now and running if it wasn’t for them. We look forward to working with them again and we’d definitely go straight to them again in the future as a first choice for floors.

Lee Broadley, Site Engineering Manager, Refresco