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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Bespoke Flooring

Totally bespoke floor at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The architect and client designed a bespoke stone floor, with blends of natural rhine sand with various sizes of naturally sourced aggregates encapsulated into an Ardex Pandomo basic screed. We produced several samples with different blends before the client was satisfied they had the correct amount of blended natural aggregate giving the finish they required. This can definitely be described as a one off, uniquely designed floor, which perfectly complements the stunning new Yorkshire Sculpture Park building.

A unique floor unlike any other

This flooring is unlike conventionally engineered resin systems, which are designed to provide a solid and consistently patterned finish using either quartz, or just a single monolithic coloured resin. The cementitious natural stone effects are designed to replicate the beauty of more traditional polished concrete floors, giving a contemporary look aligned with the stripped back bare industrial urban building effect, whilst also giving an extremely strong, long-lasting floor surface which requires minimum maintenance.

We brought in the specialists

The Ardex Pandomo Basic floor finish covers the entire floor area of the building at 445 m2. The special blends of rhine sand and aggregate arrived separately from the Ardex Pandomo basic screed cement, and were all mixed together with a measured amount of water on site. Then the mix was pumped onto the surface and laid by hand. It was left to dry before the grinding, grouting and polishing processes began. This process required our vacuum assisted 3phase quadruple headed planetary grinding & polishing equipment, along with our experienced concrete/Terrazzo polishing teams.

Going the extra mile

Once the cement screed had cured, our experienced teams began to grind every millimetre of the floor area in a precise order to expose the unique blend of aggregates that have been encapsulated within the screed. Each process requiring crossing over the entire surface twice, horizontally and vertically cutting and opening the surface using special metal cutting tools. Once the aggregate is exposed, the grouting, polishing and sealing processes are completed leaving a highly polished surface finish.