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Doing the right thing, the right way, every time

anti-slip resin flooring
Ten years of seamless installations

We’ve worked with KFC for over ten years installing resin flooring into multiple new and refurbished stores nationwide, including anti-slip and seamless resin floor systems with coved upstands to their commercial kitchen areas.

kfc flooring
Getting the job done against all odds

At times, there have been up to 60 suppliers and trades working on site, all of who need to be able to walk on the floors. In these instances we work overnight to create a seamless sequence, ultimately saving them money.

We’ve also had to deal with unforeseen challenges during refurbishments when some concrete floors contained undocumented chemical additives that could compromise the success of the new flooring system.

In these cases we performed chemical analysis, worked closely with our client and used our expertise to ensure that we found the absolute best solution.

kfc flooring supplier
That elusive thing called ‘service’

“Milestone have the right mindset, the right attitude, and professionalism to do the right thing every time. It’s that elusive thing called ‘service’. The project is delivered, the price is right in terms of market rates, it’s on time so all of the metrics work but then there is also that intangible bit where you can pick the phone up and say, “Can you help?” and they say, “Yes!” They find a solution that works for both parties. It is that added value that sets them apart and it’s about service. It’s their ‘can do’ attitude.”
Trevor Lambert, KFC

What the client said:

Milestone work well with all of our other contractors on site. Their customer service, working practices and the day-to-day interaction is really good. When you’ve got a problem – they fix it. Their communication and general standard of workmanship is good. They liaise and work with stores independently without us having to heavily get involved. This has a huge impact on my time, my cost and my team’s productivity. Any issues that crop up are already resolved and the job is done on time. We work together in a partnership and it’s a ‘can do’ culture.

Trevor Lambert, KFC