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COVID-19 makes its mark all over our floors

COVID-19 makes its mark all over our floors

COVID-19 makes its mark all over our floors 1200 866 Milestone Flooring

Coronavirus has significantly impacted our lives with us all adapting in response to control the spread of the contagious disease. As employees and customers are welcomed back to offices, restaurants and shops, businesses are implementing new protocols with most of the focus being on increased hand sanitation and face masks but have you stopped to consider how the surfaces in your buildings are helping or hindering your efforts to combat coronavirus?

Frequently touched surfaces are prone to viral contamination which include your walls and flooring. Coughs and sneezes can spray coronavirus droplets onto the surrounding wall and floor surfaces which may stay live for hours or days depending on various factors. Viruses and bacteria living on walls or floors can immediately transfer on to what comes into contact with these surfaces such as hands, shoes and bags. The correct hygienic anti viral floor and wall finishes can help you to keep your people safe 24/7.

Sticky Situations

Temporary solutions, such as sticky taping two-metre markers in response to the COVID-19 regulations, and taping out pedestrian zones for safety measures, will be increasing breeding grounds for bacteria and possible trip hazards.  Removing floor tape may also risk damaging your floor or leaving stubborn adhesive tape residue.

Hygienic floors need to be seamless, impervious, and hardwearing to endure scrubbing and industrial cleaning – tape, grout lines and joints may hinder cleanliness and breach hygienic and safety regulations.

Permanent options are provided by Milestone Flooring for improved hygiene, colour coded floor zones and professional demarcation to ensure your business is protected over an extended period.

Budget Cleaning!

Milestone Flooring has vast experience helping businesses find the perfect floor within their budget.  Practical hygienic anti-microbial capabilities and textured anti-slip surfaces can be blended with contemporary designs that suit you and your company brand!

There is more to a hygienic floor than its hard-wearing and seamless properties- a variety of products, colour’s and decorative finishes bring additional style and appeal.  Preventing unnecessary accidents and regulation breaches can be invaluable alone, but with numerous options supported with manufacturer warranties, the protection and longevity of your flooring investment is assured.

Fighting Grime!

If you have just invested in a new mop and every antibacterial cleaner you can find to clean your floors STOP- some cleaning products have chemicals that can attack and damage your floors leading to costly remedial works. Milestone Flooring are proud to be established front runners in providing commercial grade floor and wall, systems and coatings that are squeaky clean and easy to maintain!

Coronavirus behaves differently on the type of surface or material it contacts and although it can be sanitized using disinfectants, floors are prone to contamination again without regular effective cleaning regimes. Should any unwanted substances come into contact with your floors staff should be able to clean these quickly and easily.

Sector Specific?

Our business has catered for the needs of fast-food safe kitchens, injected new life into hospital corridors and quenched the drainage need for breweries to keep microbial growth at bay! Different industries have different durability needs and multiple specifications from chemical resistance to slip resistance.

Flooring in food preparation areas must be compliant with an effective HACCP food safety management plan which is crucial to avoid costly breaches. Flooring designs should be fit for purpose and may need to incorporate stainless steel drainage and be laid to technical falls that ensure it is effective. Did you know we can help you out with this too?

Read more about our drainage here

Getting it right first-time round will save your business time and money, but repairs can also be efficient if done correctly.  Knowing the floor usage, potential threats of damage and safety issues will prescribe a flooring system and cleaning regime that will work for you.

A floor is never just a floor…… but it should at least be clean and safe!

If you would like a free quote for hygienic wall coverings and flooring solutions, or advice on repairs or remedial works to your existing flooring, please get in touch here