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Prepare To Succeed

Prepare To Succeed

Prepare To Succeed 1600 1200 Milestone Flooring

Improving Your Profile

Preparation is an integral part of any coating or flooring system to ensure a quality installation. It is crucial to protect your investment in flooring, as failure and remedial works can be costly and lengthy to resolve. Whether you are considering a polished concrete, resin, polyurethane, or tile finish, failing preparation is preparing to fail your flooring.


The existing or newly installed substrate must be assessed for its stabilisation and strength. The condition of the foundation can be affected by temperature, moisture, and traffic load. Reinforcing techniques such as resin injections and adhesive promoters may be required.

Removing contamination including dust particles and damp and cleaning the imperfections from substrates will allow for an unblemished profile. Foreign elements of oil, grease or pre-existing coatings or sealers may reject coverings causing failures to bond. Encouraging a good bond between the substrate and coating or flooring system through texturing profiles to create a mechanical adhesive will prevent peeling and separation.


Accurate equipment is required to determine current levels. Levels are key in areas that require drainage to falls and to prevent wet liquid pooling. Self levelling products and expert mechanical grinding can achieve an extremely smooth finish.

Substandard preparation may result in defects, bonding issues, cracking, and uneven surfaces, and health and safety failures. Your floor profile will ultimately represent your business profile and strides should be taken towards a professional, stable, and strong image.

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